A is for Aromatherapy for KidsĀ 

I am thrilled to be back to annual 31 Days of ABCs, presenting you the first letter of the alphabet: A is for Aromatherapy for Kids.

One of my many hobbies is aromatherapy. I have been using oils and herbs in my home for many many years.  I love oils. I love herbs. Unfortunately, I am allergic to some of them plants, but it doesn’t stop me from using Aromatherapy in my household and for when my family gets sick. 

Here are some fun ways to use oils for your kids and with them. 

1. Aromatherapy play dough. When making play dough, add 1-2 drops of essential oils to match the colors and give a sense of different smell and experience to your child. 

Here are some examples:

– Wild Orange Essential oil for orange color playdough. It is know for boosting the energy and focus when needed.

– Peppermint Essential Oil for green color playdough. This playdough is great to use when your child is congested. 

– Lemon Essential Oil for yellow color playdough. This oils promotes positive mood and cognitive ability. 

– Lavender Essential Oil for blue or purple playdough. Not much needs to be said about Lavender and its soothing properties.

2. Making herbal teas and sharing them together. Chamomile, Chrysanthemum, Rose teas are just few of those that children can drink from as early as 1 year old (in moderate amounts). You can also mix different herbs and dry fruit, get your child’s assistance to put them all in a pot. And ask older children to pour hot water over them herb. Great idea to make teas in transparent cups and pots so you can observe how the leaves open up in hot water. 

3. Herbal baths and foot soaks. These can be done from early on and with older children it could a fun craft project – to make herbal baths sachets. I love these recipes on The Happy Herbal Home .

Do you have any Aromatherapy recipes and ideas to share ? Please leave me a comment! 

31 Days of ABC 2017 | Alldonemonkey.com

It’s time again for another fantastic month of alphabet fun with the 31 Days of ABC!  All this month you can look forward to 31 more days of activities, crafts, books, apps, and more, all dedicated to teaching young children the alphabet.

I am so happy to be working with an amazing group of kid bloggers, who will be sharing their ideas with us in the coming days. So join us as we jump, skip, hop, and read our way through the alphabet this October!

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Aromatherapy Series: When Ants Come To Stay

Having pests in the house is somewhat a norm here: mosquitos, midges,  all sorts of roaches, ants and flies find their way into households despite the height of the buildings.

This morning I got back home to find ants having a party on and around my daughter’s breakfast plate where she smudged some jam. There must have been at least 100 of them!  No kidding. I got so disgusted – threw the plate into the sink and washed all the ants off the counter. I did notice that they found their way from our laundry balcony that is next to kitchen. The first trespassers were in the kitchen yesterday. At that time I used a mix of water and tea tree oil. However, it is a temporary fix. So I needed something more permanent or at least long term.

After talking to some friends and searching the Web, I decided to try the following: sprinkle cinnamon at the entrance of the balcony and draw lines with chalk.


I also noticed there was a crack in the corner on the floor where the ants seemed to come from as well. So I poured some cinnamon there.

Two hours later,  still no sign of new ants making their way here. But I have to explain to my cleaning lady tomorrow not to wash the cinnamon off  or if she does – to pour some more in there.

I’ll be back to report how effective it is in about a month. My kitchen smells divine,  though!

{Aromatherapy Series} Home Made Bathroom Freshener


Welcome to the new series I am starting – Aromatherapy Series. In these series I will share some tips on using essential oils and herbs in your household in a way that is friendly for people like myself who suffer from respiratory allergies; also in a way that is friendly for the babies and younger children.

You have probably seen tons of sites and blogs that promote aromatherapy and green living.  While I am really far from living “green”, I like making use of fragrances, oils and herbs in simple and eco-friendly ways.

As you have read before, we moved to a new apartment. While this building is much newer than the one we used to live in, it seems it has a piping problem and we get very smelly drains in both bathrooms! With smelly drains I’ve tried a number of thing before and nothing quite worked, not even so well-known baking soda and vinegar rinse.

Since we also live in a very high humidity area (as high as 100%!) besides running ACs all summer and during humid seasons to keep the house dry (lots of carbon print here, yes, but I can’t breath in hot and humid air well), we have recently invested into a small dehumidifier that works well for keeping the bathroom dry. And well,  it helps with the smell in drains too!
So one thing I learned: high humidity and moisture = smelly drains.

So,  tip #1: keep your bathroom as dry as possible.

Tip#2: pouring a cup of water into the drains a couple times a day also helps with washing all the yuck down.

Tip #3: don’t wait on unclogging your drains. That soda + vinegar rinse is a good prophylactic measure against clogging.

Tip #4: make your own simple bathroom fresheners. They are not only natural,  they also guarantee nice pleasant smell without any surprises and much more eco-friendly and children-friendly.

Here’s what I made after much research: rice and essential oil/fragrance oil bathroom freshener.


It is SO simple to make and it can be pure fun to make with a toddler (as long as it does not go into his mouth! ) or an older child.

You will need:

A small container or a saucer
Some rice – the cheapest kind
Oil of your choice (I used rose fragrance oil about 6 drops and 2 drops of citronella essential oil for the container in the picture)

Spread the rice in the container. Drop the oil in and mix with a spoon or a chopstick. Place in your bathroom and enjoy a mild and pleasant fragrance.

If you are be to aromatherapy,  use one oil at a time. If you wish like experimenting,  do it in a separate bowl mixing oils 1 drop at a time till you get desired consistency (e.g. 5 drops of your favorite fragrance and then 1 drop of another which you want to add for zest. Add another one if you feel it isn’t strong enough).

Also, take your time to add the oils and give a few minuts for the smells to settle: the initial smell when the oil JUST comes out from the bottle may be either very strong or not even felt at first, depending on the oil you choose. But the stronger first smell might evaporate quick, while the almost invisible one can become very strong after reacting with the air. For example, that’s how Sandalwood oil works – it suddenly hits you in a heavy way after being few minutes in the open air.

I hope you enjoyed this simple recipe and tips. Wishing you all health and pleasant mood!